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About Us

Welcome to Friends of Youth Organization

Friends of Youth is a non-profit, non-political and philanthropic organization

Friends of Youth Organization (FOYO)

Friends of Youth is a non-profit, non-political and philanthropic organization that was established in year 2010. Initially it has started serving the most affected people after the three decades of ethnic war by doing relief, recovery and rehabilitation activities in the North and East provinces of Sri Lanka.

And now it has been engaging in development programmes to ensure the sustainable development of the people who were affected by natural disaster (Tsunami) and man- made disaster (ethnic war).

Our Sponsors

Our Vision

The vision of the organization is alleviation of extreme poverty in the conflict affected areas of Sri Lanka, and ensure sustainable development. It would provide a solid and healthy environment in which children and their families enjoy their fullness through quality living conditions.

Our Mission

The mission is to serve the under-served across Sri Lanka especially in the regions of North & East to have a sustainable impact on the quality of life by improving their access to education, health, shelter, livelihood, food and safe water. (The under-served includes vulnerable children, under-educated students, unemployed youth, drug addicts, widows and women headed families, disaster victims and internally displaced people.

Our Service

Our services conform to the laws and guidelines of the Sri Lankan National Secretariat for Non- Government organizations. Our projects are delivered in partnership with the United Nations, international non-government organizations, the private sector, national government and local communities.

Our Objectives

To offer affordable, sustainable and quality educational services to children and other vulnerable population in Sri Lanka. Ensure the safety survival through shelter assistance and friendly surrounding by decreasing the harm and the social threats. Improve the nutritional status of children and family hygienic practices. Improve the access of the potable water and sanitation resources for the communities. Improve the quality of primitive, preventive and rehabilitative health of children, families and communities. Increase the living standard through promoting sustainable income generation. Strengthen the structures, systems and capacity of the service providers to response the people requirements. Support differently able people to have a normal life : accessories for their movement, assistance for their livelihood and survival. Facilitate the systems to ensure children are protected and have healthy environment.